Roofing Replacements

Looking for Roofers in Rockhampton?
Want to enhance your home’s value, security and appearance?

Engage Rocky Roofing Services a leading Rockhampton Roofing company, to replace damaged or unsightly roofs, thus strengthening the first line of defence that protects one of your biggest investments your home or office.

You need to have a sturdy roof to protect your home or office from Rockhampton’s harsh natural elements and alleviate risks associated with corrosion or fire. Imagine how a weak or leaking roof will damage the interiors of your building and even make the structure risky and unattractive. Since your roof plays a crucial role in protecting your home or office and thus your investment, you should get your roof replaced by experts at Rocky Roofing Services to transform and enhance its look, add significant value to your asset and enjoy better security.

If you are searching for reliable roofers in Rockhampton to get your leaking, rusted or damaged roof replaced, don’t look beyond Rocky Roofing Services. With the use of quality products and the efforts of our team specialising in roof replacements in Rockhampton, we ensure long-term durability and protection of your roof against the region’s harsh weather conditions and other risks of fire and corrosion. Say goodbye to living at risk under a weak roof. Forget problems in selling your property as our roof replacement services can instantly transform your house or building structure’s appearance, thus making it a good potential investment for interested buyers.

What we offer

Roof replacement services offered by our roofers in Rockhampton include:

  • Removal and disposal of existing roofing iron
  • Installation of insulation
  • Various new styles of roofing installation on offer like trimdeck, corodek, metlock, metrospan, spanplus rooflite, mini corodek, metrol
  • All roofs come with QBCC insurance protection and council approval to ensure complete customer satisfaction
  • Delivering roof reports
  • Complete installation of cyclone tie down new pattern to meet current standards

Special features of our roof replacement services

  • All our work meet current safety and regulatory standards and are signed off by building inspector to meet insurance obligations
  • Use of quality roofing iron and roofing screws
  • Installation of safety rail system to ensure complete safety of our roofers who will be working on the roof
  • We ensure health and safety of the professionals at work by strictly adhering to all WHS laws and legislations
  • Post clean-up, personal inspection is done by one of our production supervisors for ensuring quality control of the project and give our customers the best possible roof in lieu of their investment
  • Get free measure and quote for your roof replacement requirements

Still undecided? Here are the benefits that roof replacement by Rocky Roofing Services can bring your way:

Safety: A new, sturdy roof installed by us will protect your building’s overall structure, thus significantly reducing the maintenance cost of a building by preventing expensive and serious structural damage caused due to wear and tear and moisture penetration.

Peace of mind: With our qualified and licensed roofers in Rockhampton at work, you can enjoy complete peace of mind irrespective of what your project involves.

Energy savings: Getting a new roof installed will give you the chance to get a specialised roofing blanket insulation installed, which would increase the thermal efficiency of the building and let you enjoy significant savings on your energy bills.

Insurance: Insurance providers often reject damage claims caused by natural elements like a severe storm in case your building has an older roof. With roof replacement, you can enjoy ease of claim and speedy processing.

So, get in touch with us today to enjoy the best workmanship and solutions for your roof replacement project.