Gutter & Downpipe Replacement / Stormwater Drainage

Having spent years in the roofing industry, our roofers in Rockhampton often find gutters and downpipes to be the most neglected in home maintenance schedules. Since these are constantly exposed to the elements and subjected to large volume of water falling on the average Rockhampton roof, they get weakened over time. They may even leak, get damaged, rusted or blocked, thus causing major risk to your roof and your property’s safety. Instead of neglecting such leaks or noises and other concerns caused by your damaged gutters and downpipes that can cause serious structural damage, you should call our roofing Rockhampton professionals to get it repaired or replaced though replacement is a comparatively cost-effective solution in most cases.

In Rockhampton, you simply can’t avoid heavy and sudden rains that are inevitable elements of this region’s weather. It’s best to be prepared for these situations and before the storm seasons hits or else, your property can suffer from unimaginable damage that cause havoc without any warning. Our roofing Rockhampton experts offer stormwater drainage to ensure your home isn’t suffering from dampness around the downpipes or bases of walls due to standing water.

Gutter and downpipe replacement stormwater drainageWhat we offer

We know that every home is different. So, we offer different types and styles of guttering to suit your home. Gutters are usually available with roofing made from steel, aluminum or sheet metal. We can provide you with the most popular and affordable materials available like gutters with COLORBOND steel or ZINCALUME steel roofing, among others. However, our roofing Rockhampton experts use and recommend COLORBOND steel guttering systems though we also offer other options in case you have a different choice in mind. When it comes to guttering styles, you can take your pick from hi-front Quad, 115 Quad, 125 Quad or M-type gutters.

Other services that we offer include:

  • Free measure and quote
  • Removal of old, poorly installed or rusting guttering
  • Installation of new gutters and downpipes to correct “fall”
  • Removal of all on-site rubbish
  • Repair of downpipes
  • Clearing blocked downpipes
  • Clearing leaves and debris from guttering
  • Installation of new guttering and downpipes to enhance the aesthetic look and value of your home
  • Replacement of gutters or drainpipes to match new roofing

On-site storm water drainage services offered by our roofing Rockhampton professionals include:

  • Diagnosing and fixing drainage issues
  • Clearing of blocked storm water drainage
  • Getting downpipes interconnected to take stormwater discharge to street
  • Installation of pits and channels to catch stormwater in low lying areas
  • Repairing leaky drains and pipes
  • Replacing damaged drains and pipes

With a seasoned team of roofers with years’ of experience working in the Rockhampton area, we ensure quality work delivered on time at affordable rates. Whatever your requirements with respect to repair and replacements of gutters and downpipes as well as storm water drainage, we can handle it all from start to finish. In case you are unsure about the services you need, simply contact us for a free quote. Our professionals will visit your property to inspect it and give you honest advice without any pressure to get it done by us.